The homemade recipe of Bang Bang Chicken Shreds

The homemade recipe of Bang Bang Chicken Shreds

Chinese name:棒棒鸡丝

The homemade recipe of Bang Bang Chicken Shreds

I believe that most people like to eat chicken . I am one of those people. I can’t help but be a natural foodie. Bangbang chicken shreds is one of my favorite cold chicken dishes. Next, I will popularize the method of Bangbang chicken shreds. I hope you can also fall in love with this dish.

  Ingredients INGREDIENTS

  / Ingredients /

1 piece of chicken breast (300 g)

  Tender cucumber 1

  1 garlic

  Raw ginger 1

A little chopped peanuts

  White sesame seeds a little

  Appropriate amount of cooking wine

  / Weird Sauce /

  100g sesame paste

Light soy sauce 25ml

  White vinegar 20ml

  60ml of water

  1 tbsp sugar

  1½ teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon of chicken essence

2 teaspoons pepper powder

  Moderate amount of chili oil (more)

  Sesame oil moderate amount (less)

  / Preparation of Strange Sauce /

  1. Slowly pour the water into the sesame paste and stir well;

  2. Add the remaining materials and stir evenly.

  Sauce shelf life: refrigerate for 3 days.


  step one

  Put ginger slices, cooking wine, and chicken breasts into a small pot for cooking.

  1 piece of 300g chicken breast, boil the water and cook on medium heat for 10-12 minutes.

  Don’t rush to take it out after cooking. Turn off the heat and simmer for a while, take it out, and let it sit for a while;

  Step two

  When the chicken breasts are being cooked, adjust the strange sauce first;

  Step three

  Then wash and shred the cucumber, chop garlic and minced garlic for later use;

  Step Four

  After the chicken breast is warm, tear it into shreds by hand according to the texture of the chicken breast;

  Step Five

  Finally, take the plate and put the cucumber on the bottom,

  The shredded chicken is piled on top, sprinkled with garlic and ground peanuts,

  Drizzle with strange flavored sauce, add a little sesame oil and appropriate amount of spicy oil, and sprinkle with some white sesame seeds.


  How simple it is;


  Just mix well when eating;

  of course

  You can also put the strange chicken shreds on cold noodles ,

  Don’t have a taste when you eat it.


  1. The chicken breast can be cooked until it is broken. You can try it with chopsticks after a similar time. If it can be easily pierced, you can turn off the heat. Some recipes say that it doesn’t matter if the chicken is cooked a little bit old. Don’t cook it too old, it will affect the taste. You don’t need to eat very chai chicken, so pay attention to the time when cooking;

  2. If you like the spicy flavor in the strange sauce, you can add more pepper powder and spicy oil. Of course, it depends on whether you like it.


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