Spicy pansa fish fillet

Chinese name:香辣巴沙鱼块

  When making this spicy pansa fish at home, it is best to not stir the pansa fish when frying, because the pansa fish is easy to cook, and it is too crumbly. Adding some white sesame seeds before the pan will not only enhance the color, but also make the dishes taste better. More fragrant.

 Material: basa 3, small onions 1, green peppers each 1, Pi 1 tablespoon sauce, soy sauce, a tablespoon, onion ginger amount.

Spicy pansa fish recipe:

  1. Cut pansa fish into pieces, add cooking wine, green onion and ginger, and Pixian hot sauce to marinate for 30 minutes.

  2. Cut onion, green and red pepper into pieces.

  3. Heat up a non-stick pan and add appropriate amount of salad oil. Remove the sliced ​​green onion and ginger and fry the fish into a frying pan until the surface is golden.

  4. Add the remaining oil in the pot and fry the onion until fragrant. Add the green and red pepper pieces and stir fry together with soybean paste.

  5. Add the fish cubes with appropriate amount of water, stir well, cover and simmer for 2 minutes to taste.

  6. Sprinkle some white sesame seeds before boiling.

Finished picture:

  Hong spicy steak Baasha making skills:

  1. The supermarket promotes pansa fish fillets, the price is cheap, and it feels okay to have a taste, buy it and taste it.

  2. Pangasius is easy to be cooked, so you should not stir during the cooking process.

  3. It is more convenient for children to eat because there is no thorn.

 How to choose pangasius

  Use your fingers to squeeze the body of the fish. If the pressed part can rebound immediately, it means that the fish is fresh. If it rebounds slowly or there are pits on the press, it is not fresh; second, look at the appearance and the scales are very complete; third, look at the gills, use Peel off the gills on the side of the fish head by hand , and look at the color of the gills under the light. Bright red indicates that the fish is very fresh. If it is dark red or dark purple, it means that the fish has been stored for too long and is not suitable for purchase.

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