New Year’s Eve dinner recipes recommend classic Cantonese dishes


Chinese name:经典粤菜荷塘小炒

  Hawthorn fried dishes is classic Cantonese cuisine , old broad neighborhood not only like to eat, very poetic, dish because the ingredients of yam , lotus lotus are all grown in the soil, plus classic Cantonese-style barbecued pork secret, fragrance overflowing . The lotus pond stir-fry is delicious, with meat and vegetables, low in heat and fat, preventing smog. It can also detoxify and beautify acne. The most popular New Year’s Eve meal in the New Year . Click to see more: Recommended New Year’s Eve Recipes

  1. Ingredients

  1. Main ingredients: 300 grams of yam, 300 grams of lotus root, 150 grams of barbecued pork

  2. Ingredients: 3ml of olive oil , 2ml of soy sauce , 3g of salt, 3g of white sugar, 5g of cornstarch, 1 sweet red pepper, 1 sweet green pepper, 20g red onion

  Second, the steps

  1. Prepare ingredients: roast pork, lotus root, and yam peeled and washed; PS: peeled, remember to wear gloves.

  2. Peel and wash the lotus root, cut into long strips, cut the yam into strips the same size as the lotus root, and cut the red pepper and green pepper into strips;

  3. Boil clean water, put in lotus root and yam, blanch for 3 minutes, remove and drain the water;

  4. Heat the pan, pour olive oil, put green peppers, red peppers, and shallots; PS: Use sweet peppers to increase the taste and sweetness.

  5. Cut the barbecued pork into long strips, add to the pot and stir fry;

  6. Put the drained yam and lotus root together and stir fry;

  7. Thicken soy sauce, sugar, salt, cornstarch, stir fry evenly over high heat, and add chives.

  3. Tips

  1. Wear gloves when peeling yam to avoid allergies;

  2. The lotus root and yam can be blanched and cooked, do not boil it;

  3. The chili uses sweet chili to increase the taste and sweetness.

  4. The thickening needs to be stir-fried over high heat;

  Finished picture 1

  Finished picture 2

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