How to make honey pumpkin

Honey pumpkin

Chinese name:蜜汁南瓜

How to make honey pumpkin

Honey pumpkin is a very delicious and simple home cooking , but how to make this dish delicious, the method and the steps are very important. Below, the editor of 5VAR Food Valley will talk about the steps of honey pumpkin, and see how to make honey pumpkin which is delicious and delicious.

Introduction of Honey Pumpkin Ingredients


Pumpkin (250g) honey (appropriate amount)

How to make honey pumpkin:

1. Wash the pumpkin, slice it, slice it, and place it on the plate.

How to make honey pumpkin

2. Insert steam boiler, steam SAIC about 6 minutes after. (I cut thinly and cooked quickly)

How to make honey pumpkin

3. After the pumpkin is allowed to cool down, pour honey on it.

How to make honey pumpkin


To judge whether the pumpkin is ripe or not, you can use a toothpick or chopsticks to tie it.

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