Homemade stewed beef

Chinese name:香卤牛肉

 The weather is getting colder and colder. It is full of happiness to be able to drink shochu and braised pork in this season. It is very enjoyable to think about drinking and eating meat.

  【Fragrant Braised Beef

Ingredients : tendons sub- meat, garlic, cloves, old ginger , red pepper ;

  Spices: star anise , cinnamon, bay leaves, dried peppercorns , grass fruits, cloves, cumin ;


  1. Buy beef tendon meat and soak it in clean water for about an hour, and change the water once or twice in the middle;

  2. Leave the garlic white and cut into small sections; smash the old ginger and garlic cloves; cut the dried red pepper into small sections and remove the chili seeds;

  3, the sub-tendons meat pot of cold water, add wine, put part garlic, cinnamon, bay leaves and other spices, boiled ten minutes after water boil, tendons used chopsticks bar into sub flesh, no blood water exudation, can remove Beef, wash away the foam;

  4. Put the processed garlic white, garlic cloves, old ginger, dried red pepper, star anise, cinnamon bark, bay leaves, dried peppercorns, grass fruit, cloves, cumin, etc. into the oil pan and stir-fry for a while down into the beef, pour warm water, water should not over beef, add soy sauce , the soy sauce, sugar, water to a boil, remove floating foam again, the ingredients and soup into pressure cookers, pressure an hour or so to close it Heat; let the beef simmer in the pot at least until the soup has cooled down, about four hours, you can remove it, slice it and serve.

  Chi language:

  1. When beef tendon is blanched, chopsticks can be used to pierce the beef. If there is no blood seepage, the beef can be taken out and the foam can be washed away;

  2. It doesn’t matter if there are one or two spices missing, but I think the grass fruit, cinnamon bark, and bay leaves cannot be less; do not have too many dried peppercorns to avoid the bitterness of the soup;

  3. Don’t stir-fry spices in oil for too long to avoid bitter taste;

  4. The amount of soy sauce depends on the preferences of each company. The color of my braised beef this time is light;

  5. The marinated beef was simmered in the pot at least until the soup became cold, about four hours; my marinated beef was simmered overnight;

  6. When braising the beef, there is no salt, and the taste is light; because later, it is necessary to change the knife and slice directly to dipped in chili sauce for consumption, or cut into strips and fry it;

  7. You can have more halogen points at a time, and after cooling, divide into bags and freeze for divided meals;

  8. When braising beef, you can also put eggs , quail eggs , dried tofu and other ingredients.

  I don’t know how to buy beef, because the cross-section has too few patterns.

  Dip it directly in the chili sauce, it is already delicious.

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