Home-style cooking of crispy salt chicken

Home-style cooking of crispy salt chicken

Chinese name:脆皮盐鸡

The steps of homemade salt chicken:

Home-style cooking of crispy salt chicken

raw material:

1 light hen (fatter), about 1000g, 70ml salted chicken sauce, 1500ml edible oil; shaved ginger paste ; 400g salt, 200g monosodium glutamate, 100g sand ginger powder, 50g salted chicken feed, fresh 2000 grams of sand ginger and 250 grams of dried shallots.

Production process:

1. Beat the fresh ginger with a knife and chop.

2. Stir all the seasonings thoroughly, add the chicken and marinate for 120 minutes.

3. Pour the chicken skin with boiling water until the skin turns color, drain the water from the chicken body, and air dry for 4 hours for later use.

4. Place the air-dried chickens in a vat furnace with a cover and roast them on a fine fire until they reach eight maturity.

5. Deep-fry the roasted chicken that has reached eight maturity in boiling oil until it is fully cooked and the skin is golden brown.

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