Home-style cooking of brine goose kidney

Home-style cooking of brine goose kidney

Chinese name:卤水鹅肾

The steps of homemade goose kidney brine :

Home-style cooking of brine goose kidney

raw material:

5 big goose kidneys, about 900 grams; Fen hoof juice; Chaozhou brine 2500 ml, Erguotou wine 5 ml, coriander 150 g, garlic 100 g, sesame oil 5 ml.

Production process:

1. Remove the kidney underwear from the goose kidney and wash it.

2. Put the goose kidney into boiling water and fly until it is three times mature, pick it up, and use the knife head of the wool tongs to scrape off the fat of the goose kidney.

3. Boil the brine in the flavoring, add wine, coriander and garlic meat, add the goose kidney and cook for 15 minutes (low fire), turn off the heat and soak for 35 minutes. When it is cold, slice it on a dish, drizzle with brine juice, sesame oil, and serve with Fen hoof juice.

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