Home-style cooking of beef brisket with radish

Chinese name:萝卜烧牛腩

Cold days greedy, eat meat! A light summer dinner table began to frequent the heavyweight big meat dishes, soup pot and serve by-week rate also improved. The radish recommended today is soft and flavorful , and the sirloin is tender and juicy. Are you greedy?

  [Materials for Braised Beef Brisket with Radish]

  Ingredients: 1000 g sirloin, white radish 500 g

  Ingredients: chives, ginger , red pepper,

  Spices: Most Fu Chinese braised sauce, cooking oil, Hua Diao wine, salt, sugar, Chen vinegar , Korean hot pepper sauce, star anise

  [How to cook beef brisket with radish]

  1. Change the sirloin into a large piece of about 3-4 cm;

  2. Cut white radish into hob pieces;

  3, sirloin pot of cold water to remove impurities and blanch blood water;

  4. The blanched sirloin is rinsed with cold water;

  5. Put oil in the pot, stir-fry the chives, red hot pepper, ginger slices and star anise in the pot;

  6. Add the Korean chili paste and stir-fry after fry until fragrant, and stir- fry the red oil;

  7. Fry the sirloin chunks into the pot;

  8. Cooking into Huadiao wine;

  9. Cook in vinegar;

  10. Add boiling water to cover beef ;

  11. Add rock sugar;

  12. Cook in Dafu Chinese Braised Sauce;

  13. Cover the pressure cooker and simmer for 40 minutes;

  14. After 40 minutes, take out the white radish, add an appropriate amount of salt and continue to simmer for 20 minutes on medium heat;

  15. When the radish and sirloin are all soft and rotten, harvest the juice on the fire;

  16. When the soup is thick, it can be served on a plate.

  [Kitchen Tips]

  1. The process of watering the sirloin is very important. You can remove the blood in the sirloin. It takes about two or three minutes. After the color of the sirloin changes, it can be picked up and washed with water;

  2. If you don’t use a pressure cooker when stewing meat , you can also use a wok or casserole for cooking , but the time will be longer. Using a pressure cooker will save gas;

  3. Stew the sirloin meat for 8 years and then add the white radish to stew together, so that the maturity of the two ingredients is the same.

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