6 classic Cantonese cuisines that have to be eaten with Cantonese characteristics

I was shopping at the morning market today and saw a beggar singing and asking for money. Although the five tones are not complete, the song still touched me, and I couldn’t help giving him the change in my hand! I was taken away by that song all the way in my mind, and I kept feeling in my heart that I was a southerner living in the north. ! I think of my relatives in my hometown, and remember that every time I go home, my family makes all kinds of delicious… After I got home, I immediately sat down in front of the computer and compiled this book of my favorite Cantonese cuisine . It was nostalgic! Dedicated to you who live in a foreign country like me or who like Cantonese cuisine!

1. Cantonese-style barbecued pork

One of my favorite Cantonese-style char siu, the char siu made by myself is very delicious, you can make char siu without an oven , simple convection oven. The roasted char siu is not only very colored, but also has a charred color on the side, just like roasted in the oven, the meat is also very tender.

How to make Cantonese barbecued pork
  Materials : Pork ham meat 1 kg, 3 tablespoons pork sauce, soy sauce 1 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon red yeast powder

How to make Cantonese barbecued pork

1. Picture 1-Barbecued pork sauce, red yeast rice powder and light soy sauce are mixed evenly.

2. Picture 2-Put the pork leg in, mix the char siu sauce with the pork leg evenly.

Cantonese style barbecued pork steps 1-2
  3. Figure 3-Cover with a lid or plastic wrap and put in the refrigerator to marinate overnight.

Cantonese BBQ Pork Step 3
  4. Take out the room temperature from the refrigerator the next day in advance, put the grill of Galanz convection oven into the convection oven; put a plate under the grill to catch the dripping juice from the grill, and then put the marinated meat on the grill .

Cantonese style barbecued pork step 4
Cantonese style barbecued pork step 5
  5. Now start the mobile phone connection [Ali Xiaozhi] APP, when the mobile phone is connected to Ali Xiaozhi, plug in the power of the convection oven; wait 30 seconds for the convection oven to also connect to WIFI.

Cantonese style barbecued pork steps 6-7
  6. After 30 seconds, connect to [Galanz Microwave Oven ] in the Ali Xiaozhi APP. At this time, the smart menu of the mobile terminal will display [Basic Operation, Smart Menu, Cloud Menu]; select [Smart Menu] mode; search for [ barbecue ]; weight selection [ 400g], set the time to [18 minutes] and click [Start] the convection oven will start production.

Cantonese style barbecued pork steps 8-9
  7. When there are 6 minutes remaining in the process of production, the convection oven will pause and there will be a prompt sound. At this time, open the convection oven door and turn the char siu over, close the convection oven door to continue and click [Continue Production] on the phone.

Cantonese style barbecued pork steps 10-11
  8. When the barbecue is finished, repeat the barbecue mode for 15 minutes, because the skewer has not been colored once; it will be colored for the second time and the barbecue will be more fragrant. The barbecue is also halfway during the baking. At this time, you need to turn the char siu on the other side, so that the roasted char siu will be evenly colored; after the spit is grilled, put the remaining char siu sauce in a non-stick pan and boil as the char siu sauce.

Cantonese style barbecued pork steps 12-13
  9. After the grill is finished, the convection oven will inevitably have some grease on the wall. At this time, fill the blue QQ water box that comes with the convection oven with half of the water and hang it in the convection oven, close the door and move end intelligent menu to find [ steam vapor cleaning], the start point, will use steam to clean the oven, use a damp cloth and wipe the end of the steam cleaner on it.

Cantonese Char Siew
  Food tips

1, the choice of barbecued pork can Meirou, ribs or pork to make, more pork fat; when roasted in the oven in oil stains more easily, easy to clean and grease can not choose Zhu Tuirou a lot of.

2. It is recommended to marinate the barbecued pork for more than 3 hours, which is more delicious.

3. When cleaning the convection oven with steam, remember to put a bowl of water or the QQ water box that comes with the convection oven.


Two, pineapple sour pork

Pineapple and sour pork is considered a famous Cantonese dish, and it can be regarded as a favorite “national dish”, especially in the current season of pineapple fragrance, when should I not eat it at this time?

Pineapple Sweet and Sour Pork
  Ingredients : 300g pork plum meat,

Ingredients : fresh pineapple 100g, green peppers 100g, onion 100g

Bacon : 1/2 teaspoon salt, onion ginger water 4 tablespoons

Sizing : 1 egg , appropriate amount of dry starch,

Sauce : 1/2 teaspoon salt, rice vinegar 4 teaspoons, tablespoons sugar 2.5, 5 tablespoons of water, 1 teaspoon of dry starch,

Other : tomato sauce 50g, peanut oil amount, the amount of onion ginger garlic

The practice of pineapple sour pork


1. Cut an appropriate amount of green onion and ginger into large slices, pat a few times with a knife, put it in the container, add cold water to soak it to taste;

2. Boil plum meat and cut into cubes of about 1.5 cm;

Pineapple Sour Pork Step 1-2
  3. Put it in a large bowl, add 1/2 teaspoon of salt to make it into the bottom taste;

4. Add a small amount of green onion and ginger water several times, and evenly; each time, wait for the moisture to be absorbed by the meat, and then add the next time;

Pineapple Sour Pork Steps 3-4
  5. Add to the meat, it looks watery and shiny, and there is no excess water until it is analyzed, and put it aside; (the amount of water should be controlled, and it is related to the quality of the meat)

6. Green red peppers and onion slices;

Pineapple Sour Pork Step 5-6
  7. Put all the sauces in a small bowl and stir evenly for later use; prepare the ketchup;

8. Mince ginger and garlic for later use;

Pineapple Sour Pork Step 7-8
  9. The ripe pineapple is cut in two. If you want to use pineapple skin as a container, half of it should carry the whole pineapple tassel;

10. Dig out the half of the pineapple meat that will be used as a container; (take it to your mouth while digging, no one can see it; I can’t eat it, keep the fruit after a meal)

Pineapple Sour Pork Step 9-10
  11. Cut the other half into four ” orange petals” and trim off the skin;

12. Change a sharp knife and dig out the pineapple eyes;

Pineapple Sour Pork Step 11-12
  13. Take 100g and cut into small pieces about the same size as the meat, and set aside;

14. Beat one egg; put starch in another bowl, a little more; prepare an empty plate for use;

Pineapple Sour Pork Step 13-14
  15. Dip the marinated meat with a layer of egg liquid, and then coat with dry starch. After wrapping, hold it with your hands to make the starch and the meat come in close contact; (the flour should be fully coated to ensure that the meat is completely covered 、Wrap tightly, otherwise there will be water when frying, not only the meat will get old, but also the “danger” of oil explosion)

16. After being wrapped, put it in an empty plate and set aside; (all wrapped up)

Pineapple Sour Pork Step 15-16

1. Fill the pot with oil, a little more, and when it is 50 or 60% hot, add the meat;

2. Fry until the final shape is removed;

Pineapple Sour Pork Step 17-18
  3. The oil in the pot will continue to heat up to 70% or 80% heat;

4. Add the fried meat again;

Pineapple sour pork Step 19-20
  5. Fry until the surface is golden and crispy, remove it; (must be crispy, you can throw one into your mouth and taste it, you should have a “crack” taste)

6. Put it on the kitchen paper and absorb the excess grease;

Pineapple Sour Pork Step 21-22
  7. Restart the wok, heat the wok with 1 tablespoon of cold oil, stir-fry the green and red peppers and onions on medium heat until they are broken, set aside;

8. The crude oil in the original pot (you can also add some oil), add minced ginger and garlic, turn to low heat and stir-fry until it has a fragrance;

Pineapple Sour Pork Step 23-24
  9. Add the tomato sauce and continue to stir-fry until the tomato sauce becomes darker and fragrant;

10. Add the sauce;

Pineapple Sour Pork Step 25-26
  11. Stir fry quickly until the sauce is thick;

12. Add pineapple chunks and stir-fry quickly evenly;

Pineapple Sour Pork Step 27-28
  13. Add the fried meat, green and red peppers, and onions;

14. Stir fry quickly until each piece of meat is evenly coated with sauce, turn off the heat. That’s it.

Pineapple Sour Pork Step 29-30

1, pig “plum flesh”, that is, nape meat, fat and lean, less fat and more lean, taste than the loin better meat.

2. The meat should be fried twice. How far should it be deep-fried? The first time is low-oil temperature deep-fried, and the second time is high-oil temperature. It must be very crispy for the final dish to be delicious. You can taste it after frying. The entrance must have a “crack” feeling.

3, tomato sauce and tomato sauce is different, if the tomato sauce can be appropriately reduced a little sugar.

4. The ratio of sweet and sour in the sauce is not certain. You can adjust it according to your own taste. If you like a little sour, you can add less sugar. If you like a little sweeter, you can add a little more sugar.

5. The last step is very important. After the fried meat is put into the pan, it must be quickly stir-fried, and the sauce should be coated in the shortest time, put on a plate at the fastest speed, and delivered to the mouth in the shortest time. Whether the color and crisp taste will be discounted.

The practice of pineapple sour pork
  Pineapple Sweet and Sour Pork ingredients with tips

Pineapple and white radish can not be eaten together: physical discomfort will occur

Pineapple and can not eat eggs: Eggs contain a lot of protein quality; pineapple is rich in acid. If the two are eaten at the same time, the fruit acid can coagulate the protein and affect the digestion and absorption of the protein, which is not conducive to health.


Three, white cut chicken

Many places in Guangdong have the habit of eating white sliced ​​chicken, but Zhanjiang people especially love sliced ​​white chicken. It is the first dish that Zhanjiang people add to their festivals and banquets. To cook Zhanjiang white-cut chicken, one-choice chicken, double-boiled chicken, and three-fold flavor. The selected chickens are all local fine-bone farm chickens, absolutely useless feed chickens and large-bone chickens; boiled chicken requires slow-heating and soaking, and it is cooked to eighty or ninety percent Just use sand ginger and minced garlic as ingredients. Zhanjiang white sliced ​​chicken is white and yellowish in color, tender and delicious.

Usually the white-cut chicken we eat in the hotel is only eighty to ninety-nine mature. Most of the time when we eat it, there will be less blood in the bones . This is to keep the chicken smooth and tender. Some friends dare not eat it.

I have eaten large Zhanjiang white-cut chicken since I was a child, and it is still the main dish of my family every banquet; today, I will talk about my usual home-cooked Zhanjiang white-cut chicken at home: it is not bloody, and the meat is tender and smooth!

In fact, if it is winter, our family basically cuts the chicken into pieces and serves it directly after it is cooked. It is simple and convenient, but in summer, one more process is added: the whole chicken is soaked in ice boiling water, so it tastes cold and refreshing, and the skin is smooth and tender. !

  Material : Local chicken—-1

Ice cubes —— moderate

Ice boiled water-moderate amount

How to make white cut chicken

1. Clean the inside and outside of the chicken, put water in the pot to boil, put the chicken in the pot, bring the water to a boil, turn to medium-low heat, cover and cook for 10 minutes.

2. At 10 minutes, lift the chicken to control the water in the chicken belly, and continue to cook for 5 minutes on medium and low heat.

How to make white cut chicken
  3. Lift the cooked chicken to the water that controls the chicken belly, place it in a large plate, and fill the chicken cavity with ice cubes.

4. Pour the remaining ice cubes into the tray.

How to make white cut chicken
  5. Pour ice boiled water into the pan to cover 3/4 of the chicken.

6. Seal the tray with plastic wrap, soak in the refrigerator for more than 20 minutes, then take it out and cut into pieces.

How to make white cut chicken
  5 key points for delicious white sliced ​​chicken

1. In the process of cooking the chicken , it is necessary to control the water in the chicken belly at least once, and then put it back into the pot to continue cooking, this is to make the inside and outside of the chicken evenly heated.

2. For chickens under 3 kg, the cooking time is usually about 15 minutes. The cooking time should not be too long. Insert a bamboo stick into the thickest part of the chicken leg . If there is no blood flowing out, the chicken is cooked.

3. In order to make the chicken skin smooth, the chicken should be immersed in ice water immediately after it is cooked to cool it down quickly, so that the skin is smooth and the meat is smooth. Filling the chicken cavity with ice cubes is to make the chicken inside and outside cool uniformly. You can also leave it alone, or just pour it into ice and water.

4. If you are using chilled chicken, you can add ginger, green onions, and salt to boil the water together, and put it in the refrigerator after cooling. After the chicken is cooked, use this ice water to soak for more than 2 hours. This kind of chicken tastes salty. Boiled white sliced ​​chicken.

5. If it is the original white-cut chicken, use for dipping: chop scallion and ginger into the bottom, put it in a small bowl, add a little salt, and pour in hot oil to serve. My family sometimes uses garlic, soy sauce and peanut oil directly Dip to eat.


Fourth, preserved meat pot Aberdeen rice

I went back to Guangzhou for a few days last month, and I went there to eat it. The taste is still the same, and the master from 20 years ago. I didn’t go for a long time and even knew me, but their store has become more prosperous!

A pot of full-color and delicious claypot rice, the rice should not be wet, dry, and the grains should be distinct, the bottom of the pot has the scorched scorch and not black, and the oily aroma of cured meat and gravy evenly penetrates into each grain of rice . Besides, there are no other skills. It seems simple, but requires a little experience. Do a lot, listen to the sound, and judge whether you should change the heat without opening the lid.

The practice of Lamei Claypot Rice
  Material : Wuchang rice 155g (glass cup), sausage one meat 100g, rapeseed 4

Seasoning : 240g water (a measuring cup and a half less), 10ml oil, two green onions, 1 small piece of ginger

Homemade seasoning soy sauce : 30ml water, 5ml Pudao soy sauce, 3ml Pudao oyster sauce, 3ml sugar, 2g chicken powder, 2g

The practice of Lamei Claypot Rice

1. Wash Wuchang rice slightly, soak in water for an hour and drain.

2. Boil sausage and bacon with boiling water and drain.

3. Slice the hot sausage and bacon, shred the ginger, and cut the green onion into small pieces.

Steps 1-3
  4. Put the soaked rice in a casserole , add hot water, add a little oil and salt. If you do not add anything later, you can eat rice-flavored oil and salt rice.

5. Cover and boil on high heat. When small blisters appear on the edge of the pot, turn to medium heat and let it dry.

6. Make soy sauce while cooking rice, put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well

Steps 4-6
  7. When the water in the pot is about to dry, the bottom of the pot will make a slight sizzling sound, then open the lid and put in the sausage, bacon and ginger. Then pour some oil on the edge of the pot to prevent the bottom of the pot from scorching, and at the same time let the bottom of the pot burn a layer. If you like more rice, put more oil, and the cooked rice will be thicker. Adjust the amount of oil at will without affecting the taste of claypot rice. The oil is absorbed by the rice and the taste will not be greasy.

8. After refueling, turn to a low heat. After a while, you can hear a louder sizzling sound at the bottom of the pot, which is the sound of cooking rice. Slow cooker on a low fire can make the upper layer of materials ripe, so that the rice can fully absorb the aroma, and the pot fire is small. To prevent uneven heating of the casserole, you can turn the casserole to make different positions evenly heated. Wait until the oil is absorbed by the rice crust and the sizzle becomes smaller and smaller, until you can’t hear it, you can turn off the fire.

9. Put water and salt in the pot, boil the cleaned rapeseed.

Steps 7-9
  10. Turn off the heat and simmer for 5 minutes, then add the chopped green onion.

11. Then pour in the soy sauce, cover and simmer for 2 minutes.

12. Add hot rapeseed, stir evenly and start eating!

The practice steps of Lamei claypot rice 10-12
Lame Claypot Rice
  Tips for Matching Ingredients for Lamei Claypot Rice

1. Rice and asparagus can be eaten together: the two are eaten together, the nutritional value is improved a lot, and it has a positive effect on promoting the growth of children

2. Honey and rice cannot be eaten together: the same food will cause stomach pain.


5. Cantonese rice rolls

It is said that the reason why the rice roll is called rice roll is related to Emperor Qianlong. It is only a legend. Only delicious is the last word. There is a bit of strength and tenderness in the soft and waxy. There is a kind of love called Guangdong. Steamed Vermicelli Roll.

The practice of Guangdong rice rolls
  Material : special powder for rice rolls, water

Sauce : minced pork, cooking wine, starch, diced mushrooms , eggs, minced garlic, minced green onions, oyster sauce, light soy sauce, water starch, oil, salt

The practice of Guangdong rice rolls

1. Mix 150 grams of rice rolls and 360 grams of water to form a flour paste and let stand for about 20 minutes

2. Add appropriate amount of cooking wine light soy sauce and dry starch to the minced pork, soak evenly and marinate

3. Chop the garlic, mince the shallots, mince the dried shiitake mushrooms, soak in advance and dice for later use

The practice steps of Guangdong rice noodles 1-2
Steps 3-4 of Guangdong rice rolls
  4. Add water to the pot and boil the plate, brush the thin oil once, stir the rice milk water and scoop a spoonful into a thin layer of the plate

5. Add another small spoonful of beaten eggs

6. Put it in the pot and steam it with a lid and cover for about 2-3 minutes. You can take it out when the sauce has solidified and foamed.

7. Gently scrape it with a scraper and put it into the dish, and finish it in turn for use

8. When the oil is 50% hot, add the minced garlic and fry to make golden brown

9. Pour in the minced pork and stir-fry until the right amount of oyster sauce soy sauce and stir-fry evenly to color

10. Pour in the diced mushrooms, stir fry, pour in the right amount of water, boil on high heat and turn to low heat for a few minutes

The practice steps of Guangdong rice noodles 5-6
The practice steps of Guangdong rice noodles 7-9
The practice steps of Guangdong rice noodles 10-12
  11. Season with salt, pour in water starch and stir well.

12. Pour the sauce on the surface of the rice rolls and sprinkle chopped green onions

Guangdong rice roll
  Tips for matching Guangdong rice rolls

1. Konjac and pork cannot be eaten together: nourishing nutrition

2. Beef and pork cannot be eaten together: “Compendium of Materia Medica” mentions: “Pork and beef feed on insects”. From the perspective of the medicinal properties of traditional Chinese medicine, pork is sour and cold, slightly cold, and has the nature of nourishing greasy cold; beef is Warm in nature and sweet in taste. The two are warm and cold, nourish the spleen, and cold and greasy. Their sex and taste functions are in conflict, so they should not be eaten together.


Six, tangerine peel and green bean paste

Citrus green bean is a very classic Cantonese desserts, in the north did not drink green bean soup , add dried orange peel green bean but I am also in Guangzhou only have to taste.

The medicinal properties of tangerine peel can not only invigorate the spleen and stomach, help digestion, but also neutralize the coldness of mung beans. Therefore, tangerine peel and mung beans are a perfect match to help us relieve heat and nourish qi, quench thirst and diuresis in hot weather.

Not much nonsense, serve the mung bean paste! A bowl of tangerine peel mung bean paste for afternoon tea is best for irritable moods.

How to make tangerine peel and green bean paste
  Ingredients : Mung bean 150g

Ingredients : 1 piece of tangerine peel, 30g of old yellow ice

Prepare :

Wash the mung beans, soak in clean water for 20 minutes, soak the tangerine peel in clean water to soften

Preparation of tangerine peel and green bean paste
  How to make tangerine peel and green bean paste

1. The soaked tangerine peel is scraped off the inner membrane and cut into thin filaments;

2. Put the processed mung beans and tangerine peel into the pot;

Tangerine peel green bean paste practice steps 1-2
  3. Receive an appropriate amount of purified water;

4. Pour sufficient amount of clean water into the pot;

Steps 3-4 in the practice of tangerine peel and green bean paste
  5. The amount of water can be determined according to your own preferences. If you like more soup, add more water;

6. After the high heat is boiled, turn to low heat, cook until the mung beans bloom, add old yellow ice, and continue to cook until the rock sugar melts.

The practice steps of tangerine peel and green bean paste 5-6
Green Bean Paste with Orange Peel
  Tips for tangerine peel and green bean paste

1. The inner membrane of tangerine peel is bitter and needs to be scraped off;

2. Adding tangerine peel can make mung bean paste special flavor, you can omit if you don’t like it;

3. Mung beans are soaked in advance to make it easier to bloom;

4. After turning to a low heat, stir with a spoon from time to time to avoid sticking to the pan.

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