Chinese cabbage

small cabbage

Chinese cabbage

Chinese name:小白菜

Also known as non- heading cabbage , green cabbage , and rapeseed . It is native to my country and is distributed throughout the north and south. It is widely cultivated in my country. Brassica of the cruciferous family. Pakchoi is a cultivated plant of the mustard genus with edible stems and leaves. It is a one- or two-year-old herbaceous plant and is often cultivated annually. The plant is relatively short, with shallow root system and well-developed fibrous roots. The color of the leaves is light green to dark green, the leaves are obovate or elliptical, the leaves are smooth or shrunken, and a few have fluff. The petiole is thick, white or green. Does not head the ball. Flowers yellow seeds nearly round. According to the determination of small Chinese cabbage is the vegetable contains the most abundant minerals and vitamins vegetables.

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