Raw melon

raw melon

Raw melon

Chinese name:生瓜

The fruit is rod-shaped, light green, with a smooth surface, often curved, 30-100cm long, dense, green and white. It is mainly processed and pickled, but it can also be fried, not raw. Ming Wang Shimao wrote “Study Garden Miscellaneous Shu” (1587), which recorded: “The melon who is not good enough to grow dan but can be eaten with sauce is called vegetable.” Such as the snake-shaped melon in South China, the hairy melon in Xinjiang, and the green cabbage melon in Hangzhou . The botanical characteristics, biological characteristics and cultivation techniques are similar to those of muskmelon. Cabbage melon is the fruit of the cucurbitaceae plant, which is an annual climbing or creeping herb. The stem is angular, with many bristles, leaves alternate, and the leaves are oval or kidney-shaped, and the width and length are slightly equal. The fleshy, long cylindrical shape, smooth skin, long and long lines, greenish white or light green. The flesh is white or light green, juicy and crisp. Born in the temperate tropics, it is cultivated in many parts of our country. It is a common vegetable and fruit that can be eaten raw.

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