Radish leave


Chinese name:萝卜缨

Radish leaves introduce radish . Most people eat its roots. They think that the roots are infinitely useful. In fact, the nutrition of its leaves is even more amazing. Studies have shown that carrot leaf contains a lot of carrot pigment, per hundred g of vitamin A content is 1400 IU, the same amount of cyan cauliflower more than three times 400 IU; and calcium content per one hundred grams containing 238 mg is spinach 55 More than four times the milligram; the iron content is five times that of eel , especially the iron content of the leaves of northeastern female carrot is 22 times that of eel ; vitamin B1 is 60% more than tempeh ; vitamin B2 is four times that of beef . From the above, it can be seen that the nutritional value of radish leaves is amazing. Unfortunately, few people use them as rubbish and then let the earth recycle them, failing the good intentions of the creator.

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