Chinese name:辣椒

Pepper belongs to the Solanaceae family, an annual or perennial vegetable. It is native to tropical South America and was introduced to my country in the Ming Dynasty. There are production in all parts of our country, with Sichuan, Hunan and Hubei producing the most. Available in all seasons. Hot peppers can be dried in the sun after they are ripe. The quality requirements of peppers: as fresh food, peppers should be of uniform size, firm skin, thick and thin meat, crisp and fresh, and free of insect bites, black spots and rot. Dried red pepper is a product of dried pepper. Indians call peppers “red steak “; Mexicans regard peppers as their national food. Chili is a very important condiment in many areas of our country, and it is impossible to even serve without it, which shows that people love it.

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