Chinese name:豇豆

Cowpea ( Cowpea ) is an annual twining herb, glabrous, scientific name: Vigna unguiculata (Linn.) Walp, commonly known as carob, ginger bean, belt bean. Cowpea is divided into long cowpea and rice cowpea leaflets 3, terminal leaflets rhomboid oval, 5-13 cm long, 4-7 cm wide, sharply pointed at the top, nearly round or wide wedge at the base, hairless on both sides, side The lobules are obliquely ovate; the stipules are ovate, about 1 cm long, and extend down to a short distance. The racemes are axillary; the calyx is campanulate, glabrous; the corolla is lavender, about 2 cm long, and the upper part of the style has light yellow hairs. The pods are linear, drooping, up to 40 cm in length. Flower and fruit period from June to September.

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