Chinese name:牛肝菌

Boletus class is bovine bacteria and pine cone Branch beef liver bacteria subjects such as fungi are collectively referred to, except for a few species in which toxic or bitter and inedible, most varieties are edible. There are mainly white, yellow and black boletus . The white boletus is delicious and nutritious. The fungus has a large body, thick meat, strong stalk, sweet and delicious taste, and rich nutrition. It is a world-renowned edible fungus. People of all ethnic groups in Yunnan Province like to collect fresh mushrooms for cooking. Western European countries also have the habit of eating white boletus extensively. Except for fresh dishes, most of them are sliced ​​and dried, processed into various small packages, used to prepare soup or make soy sauce extract, and also made into salted products for consumption. . Yunnan Province has exported white porcini mushrooms since 1973 and sold them to Western Europe. They are extremely popular and in short supply.

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