Chinese name:苦苣

Endive introduce endive (endive) Asteraceae (Compositae) is a chicory leaves to feed on cultivated species, a biennial herb. Name Cichorium endivia L., leaves per 100g of water containing 95.1g, protein quality 1.2g, 77mg calcium, and vitamins and other nutrients. Suitable for raw food, cooking or soup. Chicory leaves lanceolate. The flower head has about 20 small flowers, the corolla is lavender, the pistil and the stigma are double-forked light blue, the stamens are 5, connected into a tube, and the anthers are light blue. The seeds are short columnar, off-white, and weigh 1.6g in thousand seeds. The germination ability of seeds can be maintained for 10 years. In production, seeds stored for 1-3 years are used for sowing.

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