Bamboo fungus

bamboo Sheng

Bamboo fungus

Chinese name:竹申

Bamboo shoot fungus, also known as ” bamboo fungus “, “bamboo fungus”, “bamboo pine”, “bamboo calyx”, ” bamboo shoot fungus”, etc., is a precious mountain treasure in China, beautiful in shape, and fragrant. Bamboo fungus is also known as “fungus flower”, “plant chicken”, etc., and ranks first among the “four treasures” ( bamboo fungus , hericium, shiitake mushroom , and white fungus ). The bamboo sun is famous for its beautiful and attractive figure, and its fresh form is like a girl wearing a gauze skirt, called a “snow skirt fairy”. It has extended soup soup and other food storage time, keep the food does not rot is not rancid flavor peculiar function has always been listed as the imperial emperor, now it is indispensable blindly state banquet delicacies.

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