white flour


Chinese name:白面粉

Also known as wheat flour , wheat flour. After being milled, wheat becomes flour , also called wheat flour. Press the flour protein how much quality content, we can put the flour into bread flour HighGlutenFlour, flour MiddleGlutenFlour, low-gluten flour LowGlutenFlour 1, high-gluten flour 10.5-13.5 bread 2, 8.0 to 10.5 flour noodles snack 3, low-gluten powder 6.5-8.5 dessert dishes from level point of view, we can put the flour into flour Principal, first-class powder, second powder each grade. 1. Special flour 7.20.32 Low-gluten flour for snacks 2. First-class flour 12.70.43 High-gluten flour for bread 3. First-class flour 10.70.45 High-gluten flour for French bread 4. Second-class flour 13.50.54 High-gluten flour bread flour contains nutrients mainly starch used, then there is protein , fat, vitamins, minerals and so on.

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