Chinese name:黄豆

Also known as soybeans, yellow soybeans, branch beans, vegetable soybeans. Soybean is an annual herbaceous plant belonging to the leguminous family, which is native to my country. According to the seed coat color and grain shape of soybeans, it is divided into five categories: yellow soybeans, green soybeans, black soybeans, other soybeans (single-colored soybeans with brown, brown, and red seed coats), and feed beans (generally smaller grains, showing Oblate oblong, with concave dots on two cotyledons, and the seed coat is slightly shiny or dull). It has been cultivated since ancient times in my country, and it has been cultivated for 5000 years. It is now widely planted throughout the country, and it is produced in the Northeast, North China, Shaanxi, Sichuan and the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The Yangtze River and Southwest are more cultivated, and the Northeast soybean has the best quality. Soybeans cultivated in countries all over the world are directly or indirectly spread from my country. Because of its high nutritional value, it is called “the king of beans”, “the meat of the field”, “green milk”, etc. It is the most respected food among hundreds of natural foods.

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