Chinese name:高粱

Also known as shu millet, sorghum rice, milo, peach millet, shu si, mu millet, milo, pan millet, and diliang. Sorghum (Sorghumvulgare, spp,) is sorghum rice after shelling. The grains are elliptical, obovate or round, and vary in size. They are white, yellow, red, brown, black, etc., generally with tannins in the seed coat As the content increases, the palladium particles change from shallow to dark. The endosperm is divided into powdery, horny, waxy, and popped according to its structure, and red and white according to its color. The red one is also called wine sorghum, which is mainly used for wine making and the white one for food. Sweet and astringent. Sorghum can be divided into edible sorghum, sugar sorghum, and broom sorghum according to its properties and uses. Sorghum is the raw material for brewing, vinegar , extracting starch, and processing malt sugar.

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