Chinese name:燕麦

There are famous bromegrass, durum grass, cow star grass, wild wheat , and wild barley. Oatmeal is the naked oats of our country, commonly known as oiled wheat and corn wheat, which is a low-sugar, high-nutrient and high-energy food. Its signature nutrients are not only high in content, but also of high quality. It is one of the more popular foods for modern people. Oats ranked fifth among the top ten healthy foods selected by Time magazine . Oats are finely processed into oatmeal, which makes it more convenient to eat and tastes improved, making it a popular health food. Oats are generally divided into two categories: palea type and naked grain type. The oats cultivated in various countries around the world are mainly those with palea, often called bark oats. The oats cultivated in my country are mainly naked-grain type, often called naked oats. There are many aliases for naked oats, which are called naked oats in North China; jade oats in the northwest; oats or naked oats in the southwest; and bell oats in the northeast.

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