Low-gluten flour

low-gluten flour

Low-gluten flour

Chinese name:低筋面粉

Low gluten flour (cakeflour) protein substance content of about 8.5% on average, and therefore weak gluten, used to make soft texture, loose tissue egg cake , biscuits , Hanamaki like. In baking, low-gluten flour is generally suitable for making biscuits and cakes . If you can not find low-gluten flour , you can use all-purpose flour (all-purpose) (do not use the kind called \ ” dumpling powder \”, the kind of flour gluten lot) and corn starch ratio of 4: 1 and reconciliation to make. If you want to be less gluten, add cornstarch . If you only have high-gluten flour in your home , you can mix it with high-gluten flour and cornstarch in a ratio of 1:1 . You can also put high-gluten flour in the microwave and heat it for 2 to 3 minutes to reduce the gluten and then mix with starch to make low-gluten flour .

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