Buckwheat flour

buckwheat flour

Buckwheat flour

Chinese  name:荞麦面粉

≮Cereals: buckwheat≯ buckwheat is also known as triangle wheat, black wheat, and buckwheat. There are mainly two kinds of buckwheat cultivated in our country, ordinary buckwheat and tartary buckwheat. The former is called sweet buckwheat and the latter is called tartary buckwheat. Ding, so it is also called rutin tartary buckwheat. Buckwheat has a long history of cultivation in our country. There is a record in “Shen Nong Shu” in the 5th century BC that buckwheat was one of the eight cultivated grains at that time. In addition to our country, people in the former Soviet Union, Nepal, North Korea, Japan and parts of the Americas and Europe also like to eat buckwheat, especially in Japan, which still classifies buckwheat as a health food.

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