Lotus seeds

Lotus seed

Lotus seeds

Chinese name:莲子

Lotus seeds are the seeds of aquatic herbaceous plants in the Nymphaea family. Also known as lotus seed, lotus rice, lotus meat. Lotus, also known as lotus hibiscus and water moss. It is produced in most areas of my country, and Jiangxi Guangchang Fujian Jianning produces the best. In 1985, Wuhan Institute of Botany of the four lotus nutritional composition were compared tests, Xiangtan three-inch lotus in amino acids, protein is superior to all other lotus 17 key indicators such as quality, known as “China’s first lotus” . When the fruits are mature in autumn and winter, harvest the lotus house (lotus) and take out the fruit; or take the fruit that has fallen into the water and sink into the mud, remove the shell, use it fresh or dry it, or peel off the skin and heart of the lotus seed (Green germ) used, especially called lotus meat.

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