Chinese name:板栗

Chestnuts are distributed in China’s Liaoning, Beijing, Hebei, Shandong, Henan and other places. The shells are large, spherical, with thorns and 2-3 nuts. They are born in the shells. The famous variety is Liangxiang chestnut , produced in Liangxiang, Fangshan, suburb of Beijing. The fruit is small, about 5 grams, sweet, and mature in mid-October; Qianxi Mingli, also known as “red skin” and “hongmao”, is produced in Hebei Qianxi, Xinglong, large fruit, 7-9.5 grams, reddish brown skin, bright, sweet, mature in mid-September; Laiyang red light chestnut, produced in Laiyang Zhuangtou area, Shandong, large fruit, dark brown skin, Bright, good quality, sweet noodles, ripe in early September; there is also Castanea henryi, also known as pearl chestnut, which is distributed in the Yangtze River valley and Jiangnan. An egg-shaped nut is contained in the shell, which tastes the same as chestnut . Chestnut not only contains a lot of starch, and contains protein , vitamins and other nutrients signs, known as the “king of nuts” reputation. Chestnuts can replace grains. Together with dates and persimmons, they are called “iron crops” and “woody grains”. They are a cheap, high-quality, nutritious tonic and nourishing medicine.

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