The practice of Ejiao


Chinese name:阿胶

The origin of Ejiao is “Dong’e” in Shandong. Due to historical reasons, the governance of Dong’e County has changed. Therefore, the place of origin of Ejiao should be the “Pandong’e District”, which includes: 1. Acheng Township in Yanggu County, Liaocheng City It is the seat of the earliest county of Dong’e, and Ejiao seems to be born here. 2. Now Dong’e Town, Pingyin County, Jinan City, where Fujiao Group is located. The representative products are “Fu” brand and “Dong’ezhen” brand Ejiao. Dong’e Town is the county seat of Dong’e from the Ming Dynasty to the Republic of China (1947). The manufacturing industry of Ejiao flourished and became a tribute. The Panama Exposition won the gold medal in 1915; 3. Now it belongs to Dong’e County, Liaocheng City. After 1947, the copper town of Dong’e County became the resident of Dong’e County and also the location of Dong’e Group. Dong’e Group is currently China’s largest Ejiao manufacturer. Among them, Dong’e Town was named by the state as the hometown of Ejiao in China, and together with Maotai Town and Jingdezhen, it became one of China’s three famous traditional specialty towns protected by the country’s origin; while the ancient “Ejiao Well” is 2 kilometers northwest of present-day Acheng Town. Yuezhuang Village at the place.

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