Royal jelly

How to make royal jelly

Royal jelly

Chinese name:蜂王浆

Royal jelly, also known as royal jelly, bee jelly, and bee jelly, is a nutrient-rich and medicinal item with high medicinal value. The bee jelly is a liquid made of milky white jelly and honey secreted by the worker bee pharynx glands of the bee family insect Chinese honeybee . It is the food secreted by worker bees to feed the larvae and queen bee, and its nutrition is much higher than honey . Bee milk is a light yellow or light orange-yellow viscous liquid with sweet taste and aroma. Its medicinal value is also very high, especially for moisturizing and laxative effects. The vast majority of patients suffering from habitual constipation can basically get rid of the trouble of constipation as long as they persist in taking sufficient bee milk for a long time.

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