Cordyceps flower

Cordyceps Flower Practice

Cordyceps flower

Chinese name:虫草花

“Cordyceps flower” is not a flower, it is essentially Cordyceps fruiting bodies, not Cordyceps fruiting bodies. The culture medium is to imitate the various nutrients contained in natural insects, including grains, beans, eggs and milk, etc., belonging to a kind of fungus. It is very similar to common mushrooms , oyster mushrooms and other edible fungi, except that the species, growth environment and growth conditions are different. In order to distinguish it from Cordyceps, the merchant gave it a beautiful name and called it “cordyceps flower”. The biggest feature of the appearance of cordyceps flower is that it has no “worm” but only orange or yellow “grass.” Cordyceps militaris is a short collective name for Cordyceps militaris, commonly known as Bu Lao Cao. It is a medicinal fungus that combines insects and fungi. It is a modern rare Chinese herbal medicine. Cordyceps militaris belongs to the phylum Fungi, Ascomycetes, Hypocrea, Ergotaceae, and Cordyceps. It mainly grows in increasing areas in the north of our country. Cordyceps is not only rich in protein quality and amino acids, and contains 30 kinds of trace elements needed by the human body, is rumored to be the finest businesses tonic.

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