Chinese name:橘子

Tangerines are the mature fruits of many kinds of oranges, such as Fuju or Zhuju of the Rutaceae. Tangerines are often collectively referred to as tangerines together with tangerines. They are brightly colored, sweet and sour, and are one of the most common fruits in daily life. Oranges have a special structure, the exocarp is quite hard, green when it is raw, yellow, orange, and red when it is ripe; the mesocarp is milky white or light yellow; the skin is thin, divided into eight to ten chambers, and each chamber contains A large amount of juice is the edible part. Oranges are often referred to as lazy fruits. They do not need to be washed or peeled. They are really convenient to eat. With their golden skin, they have always been a pleasing fruit in the eyes of Chinese people. Tangerines are one of the representatives of citrus fruits. Of course, the vitamin C content is not a problem. As long as you eat three oranges, you can meet the vitamin C needed by the human body in a day. Many orange fruit endothelial fiber, can prevent constipation; its high nutritional content which contains malic acid, citric variety of organic acids, etc., for the body’s metabolism, improve heart and lung function have helped.

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