Chinese name:荔枝

Lychee and banana , pineapple , longan together known as “the four southern fruit.” Lychee is native to southern China. It is a subtropical fruit tree and an evergreen tree with a height of about 10 meters. The peels are mostly scaly and protruding, bright red and purple. When the pulp is fresh, it is translucent and creamy, with a delicious taste. But it is not resistant to storage. Concubine Yang Gui is famous for eating lychees, which led Du Mu to write the ancient famous sentence of “A ride on the red concubine laughs, no one knows that it is lychee”. In addition, various generations of literati and ink guests also wrote a lot of poems about litchi. Litchi is hot, easy to get angry after eating more, and can cause “lychee disease”. In addition to edible lychee fruit, the core is used as astringent analgesic to treat heart-qi pain and small intestine gas pain. The wood is solid, dark reddish brown, with elegant texture and corrosion resistance. It has always been a top-grade material. It has many flowers and is rich in nectaries. It is an important nectar plant.

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