Chinese name:香蕉

Musaceae (Musaceae) Musa (Musa) plant, also refers to its fruit, widely cultivated and eaten in tropical regions. Bananas are fragrant and nutritious, and can be harvested all year round. They are also highly valued in temperate regions. The plant is a large herb, emanating from the rhizome, forming a false stem with a height of 3-6 meters (10-20 feet) from the lower part of the leaf sheath; the leaves are oblong to elliptical, and some are as long as 3 to 3.5 meters (10 ~11.5 feet), 65 cm (26 inches) wide, with 10 to 20 clusters of stem tops. The spikes are large, drawn out from the top of the pseudostem, with many flowers, light yellow; the infructescence is curved, and the results are 10-20 clusters, about 50-150. The plants wither after fruiting, and the suckers from the rhizome continue to reproduce, and each plant can live for many years.

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