The practice of vinegar


Chinese name:陈醋

Vinegar is a fermented sour liquid condiment, which has been consumed in China for more than 2,000 years. There are many types of vinegar , among which rice vinegar and mature vinegar are the best. Vinegar is one of the main condiments in cooking. It is mainly sour, aromatic, and versatile. It is the main raw material for sweet and sour taste. It can remove fishy and degrease, increase the umami taste and fragrance, reduce the loss of vitamin C during the heating process of food, and can also dissolve the calcium in the cooking ingredients to facilitate the body’s absorption. Aged vinegar is a kind of vinegar, and the raw materials and pre-processes are the same as those of ordinary vinegar, except that it has undergone an aging process, such as the traditional “sun in summer and freezing in winter” process. The vinegar has low water content, strong color and fragrant taste, and its quality is inferior to other vinegars, and can be stored for a long time, hence the name vinegar, such as Shanxi vinegar. Adding a little vinegar when cooking dishes will not only make the dishes crisp and delicious, remove the fishy smell, but also protect the nutrients. However, people who are taking certain drugs such as sulfa drugs, alkaline drugs, antibiotics, and traditional Chinese medicine to relieve sweating should not consume vinegar.

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