Tilapia recipes


Chinese name:罗非鱼

Tilapia commonly known as: African crucian carp , genera and species: Perciformes, Perciformes, Carassius , Tilapia . Tilapia is a group of small and medium-sized fish. Its appearance and individual size are somewhat similar to crucian carp , and its fins are spiny like mandarin fish. Tilapia is a wide-salt fish, living in both sea and fresh water; Tilapia has a strong adaptability to low-oxygen environment, generally inhabits the bottom of the water, and usually changes with the water temperature or the size of the fish. Floor. At present, the main farmed species in our country are Nile tilapia, Mozambique tilapia, and Oriya tilapia. The meat of tilapia is delicious and tender. Whether it is braised or cooked, it tastes great.

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