White fish

The practice of white fish

White fish

Chinese name:白条鱼

The introductory body of the white striped fish (naked fish) is elongated and flat on the side, the dorsal edge is relatively straight, the abdominal edge is slightly convex, and the abdominal edge extends from the pectoral fin to the anus. The head is slightly pointed and the sides are flat. The kiss is short, and the length of the kiss is greater than the diameter of the eye. Oral end position, oblique crack. The eyes are large, wide and slightly convex between the eyes, and their spacing is greater than the eye diameter. 3 rows of pharyngeal teeth, tooth type 5.4.2-2.4.4. The body cover is medium and small round scales; the lateral line is complete, steeply inclined downward above the pectoral fin, at a significant angle, running to the lower half of the body, folded at the caudal stalk and upward to the center. Dorsal fin hard spines III, branched soft strips 7; anal fin 3 (non-branched soft strips) +11-12 (branched soft strips). The back is blue-gray, the sides and belly are silver-white, the whole body is highly reflective, without any other patterns. The tail fin is gray and black, and the male body becomes very beautiful in red and blue during the breeding season.

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