Silver carp

The practice of silver carp

Silver carp

Chinese name:鲢鱼

Silver carp (Chub) also known as silver carp, silver carp and water, jumping carp, silver carp child, belonging to Cypriniformes, carp, is one of the famous four fish. The body is flat on the sides, slightly taller, fusiform, blue-gray back, white on both sides and abdomen. The head is larger. The eye position is very low. The scales are small. The horny ribs in the middle of the abdomen extend from below the pectoral fins to the anus. The pectoral fin does not exceed the base of the pelvic fin. The fins are gray and white. The shape is similar to the bighead carp, the silver carp is irritable and good at jumping. Silver carp is a large-scale freshwater fish raised in captivity. It grows fast, has fewer diseases, and has a high yield. It is mostly polycultured with grass carp and carp . Its meat is fresh and tender and rich in nutrition, making it one of the finest fish species suitable for breeding. It is one of the main freshwater farmed fishes in my country. Distributed in major water systems across the country

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