River crab

The practice of river crab

River crab

Chinese name:河蟹

The river crab belongs to the class of crustaceans and the mitten crab is a large crustacean. The body is divided into 21 sections. Because the head and thorax sections heal each other, the whole body is divided into two parts, the head and the abdomen. Adult crabs are dark green on the back and off-white on the belly. The head and breastplate are 6-7cm long and 7.5cm wide on average. River crabs often live in the mud banks of rivers, rivers, lakes and marshes. They are active at night and feed on fish, shrimps, animal carcasses and grains. They often migrate to the estuary to lay eggs in autumn every year. They hatch from March to May of the next year and develop into After the juvenile crabs, they go up the river and continue to grow up in fresh water. The meat of river crab is fresh and tender, and it is a favorite food. The scientific name of river crab is Chinese mitten crab. It is a precious freshwater product with delicious taste, rich nutrition and high economic value.

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