The practice of pomfret


Chinese name:鲳鱼

Pomfret introduction butterfish, pomfret scientific name, is a body of flat fish, because thorn less tender, it is very popular with people like, housewives are happy to pick up, it also has nutritional characteristics of marine fish: rich in high protein , Unsaturated fatty acids and a variety of trace elements. Flat fish body is nearly diamond-shaped, flat side, small mouth, blue-gray back, silvery white on both sides of body, small round scales on the back of the body, long and symmetrical dorsal and anal fins, large pectoral fins, no pelvic fins, deep caudal fins, and lower leaves Longer than the upper leaves, the place of origin is roughly the same as that of flounder . The quality is best from the estuary and Qinhuangdao. It is marketed between May and October. Among them, the quality and quantity are the best from June to July.

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