The practice of hairtail


Chinesr name:带鱼

Also known as saury, skirt octopus , dental tape, white octopus , fish willow whip with Liu, saury dark. The hairtail has a long and flat side, with a narrow and long head, a large and pointed mouth, sharp teeth, large eyes and a thin whip-shaped tail. The body surface is silver-gray color, without scales, but there is a layer of silver powder on the surface, the side is shallow in the upper direction of the pectoral fin, and then it is significantly curved along the abdominal line to the tail end. The dorsal fin is extremely long without pelvic fin. Hairtail has more meat and thin, more fat and concentrated in the outer layer. It is delicious and has fewer spines, but there are free small spines on the abdomen. my country’s coastal areas have average production, with the East China Sea having the largest production, while the South China Sea has less production. Zhejiang and Shandong are the two coastal areas with more production. November-December is the season for hairtail. Hairtail is named for its long and flat body, and is best produced in Zhoushan. Hairtail has few fat thorns, delicious taste and rich nutrition. It can be eaten fresh, pickled or frozen.

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