grass carp

The practice of grass carp

grass carp

Chinese name:草鱼

Also known as carp, mixed, grass carp, grass bag fish, grass root fish, grass green, white carp. Grass carp , ichthyosaur, and cyprinidae. It is a relatively similar fish species with herring , and its body color is similar to that of crucian carp , with gray, grassy yellow and golden colors. Grass carp and herring , bighead carp, and silver carp are called China’s four major freshwater fish. Grass carp feeds on grass, so there are more grass carp in the north. The color of the back of the grass carp is dark brown, the edge of the scales is dark brown, the chest and ventral fins are gray-yellow, the lateral line is straight, the flesh is white and tender, and the bone spurs are few. It is suitable for cutting flowers to make chrysanthemum fish and other modeling dishes.

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