Fathead fish

The practice of fat head fish

Fathead fish

Chinese name:胖头鱼

Fathead fish is also called bighead fish, scientific name bighead carp, one of the four famous big fish in China. This fish head large and fat, tender white meat, is head hot pot choice. The place of origin and delivery period are the same as silver carp . The appearance of bighead carp is similar to that of silver carp , but there are also differences. For example, the fat head has a large head, accounting for one-third of the body length, and the sides of the body are black and have mottling, and the eyes are lower. Fish brain is rich in nutrients, which contains a kind of fish oil required by the human body, and fish oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. Its main component is what we call “brain gold”, which is an essential nutrient for humans. Phospholipids in the brain can maintain, enhance and improve brain functions.

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