Crucian carp

The practice of crucian carp

Crucian carp

Chinese name:鲫鱼

Also known as river crucian carp, crucian carp, Xitou, crucian carp seeds, Xitou fish, sea attached fish, boy crucian, and mackerel. Crucian carp, also known as crucian carp, also known as Xitou, is a carp, which is produced all over the country. Carp , commonly known as carp seeds, meat is delicious, tender meat, it is nutritious, containing protein quality, less fat, food is fresh and not greasy, somewhat sweet taste; it is an adaptable fish habitat in There are many rivers, lakes, ponds and ditches, especially shallow lakes and ponds overgrown with aquatic plants. Crucian carp is produced in all seasons, but the most fertile is produced in February to April and August to December. The side of the crucian carp is flat and tall, the body is small, the back is dark, the abdomen is light, the body color varies with the place of origin, mostly black with metallic luster, without a beard on the mouth, smaller scales, and the shape of the fins is the same as that of a carp . Crucian carp meat is tender and delicious, with high nutritional value, but the spines are small and numerous.

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