Red shell

The practice of Akbe

Red shell

Chinese name:赤贝

The ark shell is also known as the kuei clam, which belongs to the class Pleurobranchidae and the cockle family. The shells are large and thick. The left and right shells are equal, obliquely oval and extremely swollen. The top of the shell is swollen and protruding, the radiating ribs are wide, and smooth without obvious nodules. About 42-48, with 43 more. The surface of the shell is white with a small amount of brown hair; the inner surface of the shell is white with straight hinges and about 70 hinge teeth. They are mainly distributed along the coasts of China, Japan and North Korea, living on the soft mud or sandy seabed with a water depth of 20 to 35m. Foot silk is strong and often attached to gravel or dead shells. Without water pipe, only the rear end is exposed to the seabed after diving. Clam is a cold-water shellfish with a living water temperature of 5~15℃. The meat is delicious and rich in nutrients. It is suitable for eating fresh.

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