mandarin fish

Mandarin fish practice

mandarin fish

Chinese name:桂鱼

Also known as mandarin fish, soft-shelled turtle fish, eucalyptus, flower fish, stone mandarin fish , crucian carp , perch. Mandarin fish is a rare freshwater fish in the world. Long oblate body, pointed head, big mouth, big eyes, green fruit with metallic luster, irregular black spots on the side of the body, small fine scales, truncated caudal fin, hard spine and toxin in the front half of the dorsal fin, the second half The part is a soft strip. Mandarin fish is tender and plump, plump and delicious, without guts inside, and known for its few spines, so it is the top grade of fish species. Li Shizhen, a medical scientist in the Ming Dynasty, hailed mandarin fish as “capybara”, which meant that it was as delicious as pufferfish. Others compare it to dragon meat in the sky, indicating that the flavor of mandarin fish is indeed extraordinary.

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