How to make mullet


Chinese name:鲻鱼

Mullet introduction. Mullet is a mullet of the order Mulletidae. There are more than 70 types of mullet in the world. More than 20 species have been found along the coast of our country. Mullet is a common marine fish with a very wide distribution and spreads throughout the tropics. , Subtropical and temperate waters. Although mullet is produced in the sea, it has a wide range of adaptation to salinity. It can live normally in sea water and brackish water. Some species can fully adapt to freshwater life. It is coastal marine aquaculture and brackish water ponds. The main species of fish that are cultured include mullet (commonly known as aconitum mullet and blue mullet), barracuda (commonly known as red-eyed mullet, yellow mullet), and mullet (commonly known as mullet). The mullet is long and slender, with a rod-shaped mullet. The coastal people also call it “the mullet”.

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